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January 1

  • Cyprus and Malta adopt the euro currency. [106.71] [310] [392.25]
    Venezuela redenominates its currency at one bolivar fuerte to 1000 bolivars.
  • Seven new coins are issued, from 1 centimo through 1 bolivar fuerte. [111.32] [392.24] [765.82]
  • The 50-para coin of Serbia ceases to be legal tender. [782.66]

January 8

  • (to January 9) At the 36th annual New York International Numismatic Convention, Classical Numismatic Group conducts the Triton XI auction of ancient coins. A Greece, Syracuse, circa 415-405 BCE silver tetradrachm, graded EF sells for US$661,250. [782.48]

January 9

  • (to January 12) to be At the FUN 2008 convention in Orlando, Florida, Heritage Auction Galleries conducts the auction of the Madison Collection. Some highlights:
    • US 1792 fusion alloy cent pattern, VF-30 PCGS: $603,750;
    • US 1796 $2.50, no stars, MS-65 PCGS: $1,725,000;
    • US 1796 $2.50, with stars, MS-65 NGC: $1,006,250.

[454.1] [548.79] [763.37] [781.1,76]

January 14

  • At the New York International Numismatic Convention, Stack’s Rarities conducts the auction of the Kroisos Collection. Some highlights:
    • German Cologne City 1516 gold real, choice VF, unique: US$230,000;
    • Italy circa 1763-78 gold 50-zecchini coin, AU: US$299,000;
    • Poland 1621 gold 100-ducat coin, Polish victory over Turks, one of two known,
    • EF or better: US$1,380,000, a world record for a non-US coin.

[394.2] [395.48] [455.84] [464.58] [470.94] [560.34] [781.77]


  • Stanford Coins and Bullion of Houston, Texas, sells the Louis Eliasberg specimen of the 1870-S Seated Liberty dollar for US$1.3 million to Certified Acceptance Corporation. [482.10]

February 1

  • The German Mint releases 30 million commemorative 2-euro coins to circulation, honoring the state of Hamburg. [394.23]
  • The Austrian Mint releases Austria’s first silver bullion coins, with a 1-ounce 0.999 fine silver coin depicting musical instruments and the Golden Concert Hall. [395.27]

February 14

  • Heritage Auction Galleries conducts auction in Long Beach, California. Some highlights:
    • US 1794 Liberty Cap cent starred reverse AU-50 PCGS $632,500;
    • US 1793 Liberty Cap cent AU-55 PCGS $632,500;
    • US 1838-O half dollar PR-63 PCGS: $632,500.

    [454.1] [502.20]

February 21

  • Monaco Rare Coins of California sells one of two known US 1861 gold $20 coins with Paquet reverse, graded MS-61 by PCGS, for $2.5 million in a private transaction. [421.108] [786.5]

March 1

  • Hungary’s central bank begins withdrawing 1- and 2-forint coins from circulation. [394.23] [767.58]

March 2

  • The Isle of Man releases a triangular coin containing sand from the tomb of Egyptian pharoah Tutankhamun. [319.A14]

March 6

  • (to March 7) Heritage Auction Galleries conducts the Signature Auction at the Phoenix National Money Show in Arizona. Some highlights:
    • US $20 gold 1907 High Relief, Wire Rim, PCGS MS-69: US$517,500;
    • US $4 gold 1880 Flowing Hair, NGC PR-66: US$488,750.


(month unknown)

  • A metal detectorist uncovers a hoard of 825 gold staters dating to the British Iron Age, about 40 B.C.E to 15 C.E. in Suffolk, England. [477.1]


  • Two hoards of nearly 6000 Roman copper coins from about 1700 years ago are unearthed in Penarth, Wales. [456.108]

April 16

  • Heritage Auction Galleries auctions the Queller Collection. The Mickley specimen of the Class I US 1804 dollar sells for $3,737,500. [525.78]

April 17

  • At the Central States Numismatic Society convention, in Rosemont, Illinois, Heritage Auction Galleries hosts the US Coin Signature Auction. Some highlights:
    • USA 1870-S $1, EF-40 NGC: US$805,000,
    • USA 1839 25-cent, no drapery, PR-65 NGC: US$517,500,
    • USA 1794 $1, AU-58 NGC: US$488,750,
    • USA 1802 $1, “Novodel”, PR-65 Cameo PCGS: US$920,000,
    • USA 1804 Draped Bust $1, Class I, Mickley, PR-62 NGC: US$3,737,500.

    [404.1] [406.5] [454.1] [488.60]

April 24

  • Stack’s of New York conducts the auction of the Alicia and Sid Belzberg Collection of Polish coins. Some highlights:
    • Poland 1533 10-ducat gold Sigismund I VF: US$322,000,
    • Poland 1621 50-ducat gold Sigismund III about EF: US$431,250.


April 30

  • Import restrictions on coins of Iraqi types come into effect in the USA. [407.4]


  • Heritage Auctions sells a Brazilian 1844 100-reis silver coin for US$83,375, a record price paid for a coin of Brazil. [388.108]
  • Goldberg Coins & Collectibles sells a Severus Alexander gold aureus coin at auction for US$575,000. [390.31]

May 24

  • (to May 28) Auction sale of the Millennia Collection by Ira and Larry Goldberg, in Hollywood, California. The collection of 1212 world coins was a special five-year $15 million project. Some highlights:
    • Rome 223 CE gold aureus of Severus Alexander NGC AU $920,000 a record price for an ancient Roman coin;
    • Roman Imperatorial 42 BCE gold aureus issued by Marcus Junius Brutus NGC choice AU $661,250;
    • Rome circa 68 CE gold aureus of Galba NGC choice AU US$448,500;
    • Great Britain 1703 gold VIGO 5 guineas of Queen Anne NGC MS-61 US$414,000;
    • Austria circa 1511-1519 gold 7 ducats of Maximillian I NGC MS-63 US$632,500;
    • Russia 1795 gold novodel Ruble of Peter I 13 ducat weight NGC MS-63 US$391,000;
    • Mexico circa 1535-36 silver 8 real of Carlos and Joanna NGC EF-40 US$310,500;
    • Mexico 1714 gold 8-escudo of Philip V NGC MS-65 US$310,500.

    [394.25] [409.51] [414.4,62]

May 26

  • Ira & Larry Goldberg auction an English 1703 5-guinea Vigo gold coin, MS-61 NGC, for US$414,000. [1070.65]

June 16

  • Nicaragua releases a new denomination 10-cordoba coin to circulation. [455.58]

(month unknown)

  • Auction of the Millennia Collection, gold aureus of 42 BCE of Marcus Junius Brutus grading NGC choice AU sells for US$661,250. [408.113]

July 1

  • The National Bank of Serbia begins withdrawing 1-, 2-, and 5-dinar coins that were issued by the National Bank of Yugoslavia from circulation. [394.23] [782.66]

July 28

  • Stack’s conducts an auction prior to the ANA convention in Baltimore. Some highlights:
    • 1795 Capped Bust 13 Leaves gold $10 eagle MS-64 PCGS: US$546,250;
    • 1796 Capped Bust No Stars gold $2.50 quarter eagle MS-62 PCGS:
      • US$488,750;
    • 1797 Draped Bust Small Eagle 15 Stars half dollar MS-66 NGC: US$1.38 million;
    • 1907 Saint-Gaudens Extremely High Relief Roman Numerals $20 double eagle pattern gold PR-58 NGC: US$690,000.


July 30

  • Heritage Numismatic Auctions sells a 1944-S steel Lincoln cent graded MS-66 by NGC for US$373,450, a record for any small cent. [438.93] [492.50]
  • (to August 3) At the ANA World Fair of Money in Baltimore, Maryland, Heritage Auction Galleries conducts the main auction. Some highlights:
    • 1792 half disme PR-62 Brown NGC US$690,000;
    • 1804 Draped Bust 14-star Reverse dime AU-58 NGC US$632,500;
    • 1825/4 $5 AU-50 NGC US$690,000.


August 28

  • A 1927 $50 gold pattern of Manchurian warlord ChangTso Lin graded MS-64 by NGC sells at auction for US$575,000 in Hong Kong. [441.42]

September 14

  • (to September 16) The Ira & Larry Goldberg Coins & Collectibles Pre-Long Beach auction is held. Some highlights:
    • 1796 Liberty Cap cent, MS-66 red and brown PCGS: US$690,000;
    • 1933 Indian Head eagle, MS-65 NGC: US$450,000.


October 1

  • Denmark demonetizes the 25-øre coin, and begins removing it from circulation. [443.60]

October 27

  • The Royal Canadian Mint releases its third (and world’s third) colored circulating coin, with a red poppy honboring the 90th anniversary of the end of World War I. [464.78]

October 31

  • Papua New Guinea is the second country to release a colored circulating coin, a 50-toea coin with red on white logo of the Central Bank of Papua New Guinea, marking the 35th anniversary of the bank. [464.78]

November 6

  • St. James Auctions sells a unique Russian 1755 Elizabeth I gold 20-ruble pattern coin graded AU-58 by NGC for 1,782,500 pounds (US$2.82 million), world record price for a non-US coin. [455.5] [464.58] [470.94] [560.34]

November 15

  • The National Bank of the Republic of Macedonia releases two new denominations of circulating coins, 10- and 50-denar coins struck in copper, nickel, and zinc. [471.65]


  • Legend Numismatics of New Jersey sells an 1893-S Morgan dollar graded MS-67 by PCGS for over $1 million, the highest known price for a Morgan dollar. [455.4]

November 22

  • Ginza Coin Auction of Tokyo sells a British 1847 Victoria Gothic, Plain Edge gold crown pattern graded AU (one of two known) for 48.4 million yen (US$511,055), a record for a British milled coin. A British Proof 1937 Edward VIII sovereign sells for about US$313,602. [464.4,10]

December 2

  • (to December 3) In Geneva, Switzerland, the Numismatica Genevensis auction of coins is held. Some highlights:
    • Roman circa 135 C.E. Hadrian bronze sestertius, one of five known: 2.3 million Swiss francs (US$1.9 million), a record for an ancient Roman coin;
    • Roman gold stater of Titus Quinctius Flamininus, circa 196 B.C.E.: 575,000 Swiss francs (US$475,000);
    • silver tetradrachm of Amphipolis, circa 168-149 B.C.E., one of eight known: 230,000 Swiss francs (about US$190,000);
    • Italy 1864 gold 50-lira coin: 430,000 Swiss francs (US$355,000);
    • Russia 1876 gold 25-ruble Proof coin: 402,500 Swiss francs (US$333,000);
    • Greek 407/6 B.C.E. Athens gold stater, one of four known: 1,092,500 Swiss francs (US$902,766), a record price for any Greek coin.

[464.5] [470.94] [471.68] [560.34]

  • A sestertius coin of Emperor Hadrian (117-138 C.E.) sells for a record 2.3 million Swiss francs (US$1.9 million) at auction in Geneva, Switzerland. [286.12] [298.15]

December 22

  • A hoard of 164 gold solidi coins in uncirculated condition issued by the Eastern Roman emperor Heraclius in the year 613 is reported to have been discovered adjacent to the Temple Mount in Jerusalem, Israel. [471.1]

December 26

  • The State Bank of Pakistan releases a new denomination to circulation, a 10-rupee coin struck of copper-nickel. [481.50]


January 1

  • Turkey drops “yeni” (new) from the currency name, and issues new designs for its coins in denominations 1-, 5-, 10-, 25-, 50-kurus, and 1-Turkish lira. [460.50] [507.7]
  • Turkmenistan redenominates its currency, making 1 new manat equal to 5000 old manat, and releases a new series of coins and currency. [504.77]
  • 1-, 2-, and 5-dinar coins that were issued by the National Bank of Yugoslavia cease to be legal tender in Serbia. [782.66]


  • Sixteen nations of the European Union issue commemorative 2-euro circulating coins to mark the 10th anniversary of the launch of the Economic and Monetary Union and creation of the euro. [477.52]

January 5

  • Stack’s conducts its Orlando Sale auction in Orlando, Florida.
  • US 1793 Flowing Hair, Wreath, Strawberry Leaf cent, one of four known, finest known, F-12 NGC: US$862,500;
  • US 1873-CC Seated Liberty, No Arrows quarter dollar, MS-63 PCGS: US$431,250.


January 6

  • Classical Numismatic Group sells at auction in New York City a Roman gold aureus of Brutus struck in 42 B.C.E., finest of 17 known pieces, for US$312,000. [286.12] [476.82]

January 12

  • At Stack’s Auctions sale of the Golden Horn Collection, an extremely rare Syracusan Dekadrachm in VF sells for US$207,000. [298.14]

January 16

  • The Slovak koruna currency ceases to be legal tender. [473.46] (January 18 [298.18])
  • The US government issues a ban on import of ancient coins of China earlier than 907, without provenances. [476.76]

February 7

  • At the World Money Fair in Berlin, Germany, Krause Publications presents awards to winners of its 26th annual Coin of the Year program (for 2007-dated coins).
  • Coin of the Year: Mongolia 500-tugrik silver coin, portraying a gulo gulo with diamonds for eyes.
  • Best Silver: Mongolia 500-tugrik silver coin.
  • People’s Choice: Hungary 5000-forint Sterling silver coin depicting Gyula Castle.
  • Most Historically Significant: USA $1 commemorating 400th anniversary of Jamestown Settlement in Virginia.
  • Best Contemporary Event: USA $1 silver for 50th anniversary of integration of Central High School in Little Rock, Arkansas.
  • Most Popular Coin: USA $1 George Washington circulating coin.
  • Best Crown: Belarus 20-ruble silver for Pancake Week.
  • Most Inspirational: Belarus 1000-ruble silver for St. Euphrasyne of Polatsk.
  • Best Gold: Denmark 1000-kronor.
  • Best Trade: Italy 2-euro depicting Dante.
  • Most Artistic: Austria 10-euro silver commemorating Melk Abby.
  • Most Innovative: British Virgin Islands $50 silver, centennial of first color photo.

[286.1] [298.1] [488.88]

February 16

  • Fiji releases new smaller and lighter coins (5-, 10-, 20-, 50-cent, and 1-dollar) to circulation. [488.66]

April 29

  • (to May 1) Heritage Numismatic Auctions conductions coin auctions at the Central States Numismatic Society convention in Cincinnati, Ohio. Some highlights:
    • US 1804 Draped Bust dollar, Adams-Carter specimen, Class III, PR-58 PCGS: US$2.3 million;
    • US 1794 Flowing Hair dollar, AU-55 NGC: US$345,000;
    • US 1795 Draped Bust, Small Eagle, Centered Bust dollar, MS-65 PCGS US$253,000;
    • US 1870-S Seated Liberty dollar, one of ten known, EF-40 PCGS: US$503,125.

[495.4] [496.68] [525.79]

May 6

  • Nomos AG auctions a Greek 460 B.C.E. silver tetradrachm for 914,500 Swiss francs (US$809,779), a record for a Greek tetradrachm at public auction. [504.28]

May 20

  • The Pitcairn Islands issues its first coinage for circulation, six coins valued at 5 cents through 2 dollars. [369.1]

May 26

  • Ira and Larry Goldberg Coins and Collectibles conducts an auction of world coins in Los Angeles, California. A roman Empire (Valentinian I, 364-375 C.E.) silver 48 diliquae coin, possibly unique, graded EF, sells for US$345,000. [505.72]

May 27

  • (to May 31) Heritage Numismatic Auctions conducts Central States Signature Auction. Some highlights:
    • US 1804 $1 Class III, PR-58 PCGS: US$2.3 million;
    • US 1870-S $1, EF-40 PCGS: US$503,125;
    • US 1794 $1, MS-61 NGC: US$503,125;
    • US 1876-CC 20-cent, MS-66 PCGS: US$460,000.


May 29

  • Heritage Auction Galleries conducts their Signature auction in Long Beach, California. A 1856-O Coronet double eagle, SP-63 PCGS, finest known sells for US$1,437,500. [506.5] [516.94]

June 4

  • Monetarium (Australia) auctions the Quartermaster Collection of Australian gold coins. Some highlights:
    • South Australia 1852 Adelaide Assay Office 5-pound coin, Melbourne Mint, struck in 1919, FDC: US$396,870;
    • South Australia 1852 Adelaide Assay Office 1-pound coin, finest known, nearly FDC: US$276,083;
    • 1853 Sydney Mint pattern gold sovereign, nearly FDC: US$569,422;
    • 1920 Sydney Mint Specimen/Proof gold sovereign, FDC: US$690,208;
    • 1853 Sydney Mint pattern gold half sovereign, nearly FDC: US$362,359.


June 15

  • Hungary releases its highest denomination circulating coin, 200 forint, to replace the 200-forint banknote (worth about US$1). [513.47]

August 7

  • Mexico issues new 10-, 20-, and 50-centavo coins. The 20- and 50-centavo coins are now struck on stainless steel planchets. [390.10]

September 6

  • In Beverly Hills, California, Ira & Larry Goldberg, Auctioneers, conduct the auction of part one of the Dan Holmes collection of US large cents. Some highlights:
    • 1793 Flowing Hair, Chain cent, “AMERI.”, AU-58 PCGS: US$368,000;
    • 1793 Flowing Hair, Chain cent, “AMERICA”, MS-63 brown PCGS: US$402,500;
    • 1793 Flowing Hair, Chain cent, “AMERICA”, MS-63 brown / AU-50+ PCGS: US$253,000;
    • 1793 Flowing Hair, Wreath cent, Strawberry Leaf, “ONE CENT” centered, Fair-2 PCGS: US$264,500;
    • 1793 Flowing Hair, Wreath cent, Large Date and “LIBERTY”, MS-65 brown / MS-63 prooflike PCGS: US$264,500;
    • 1793 Liberty Cap, Wreath cent, bisected obverse, AU-55 / EF-45 PCGS: US$506,000;
    • 1795 Liberty Cap, Reeded Edge cent, VG-10 PCGS, finest of seven known: US$1,265,000; first US large cent to sell for over $1 million;
    • 1799/8 Draped Bust cent, EF-45 PCGS: US$368,000;
    • 1799 Draped Bust cent, MS-61 PCGS: US$977,500;
    • 1804 Draped Bust cent, MS-63 brown PCGS: US$661,250.

[548.79] [549.14] [551.1,72]

September 8

  • Jamaica changes the $1 and $10 circulating coins from multi-sided shapes to round. [390.10]

October 1

  • The Swedish 50-öre coin ceases to be legal tender. [390.10]

October 22

  • In Barcelona, Spain, auction firm Aureo and Calico sells a Spain 1609 100-escudo (11 troy ounces) gold coin, only one known, for 944,000 euros (US$1.4 million), a record for a Spanish coin, and third-highest non-US coin. A 1633 Spanish gold 100-escudo coin sells for 590,000 euros (US$882,000). An undated Spanish (Seville) gold 20-excelente coin sells for 566,400 euros (US$847,000). [560.5,34]
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